Megan McArdle at Bloomberg View writes Liberals Will Not Like How This Revenge Plot Ends

But there’s a reason that they say revenge is a dish best served cold. People who seek vengeance without stopping to count the potential costs to themselves often end up hurting their own side worse than the enemy. Democrats are already in an electorally vulnerable position, and facing a president who uniquely terrifies them. That’s probably a good time to stop, take a careful assessment of their tactical position, and imagine what battles they might need to hoard their ammunition for. Instead, they seem prepared to storm the barricades with all guns blazing. Unfortunately, the American system of justice, and perhaps even the Democrats themselves, are the ones most likely to be wounded by the engagement.


Dick Army had a great political axiom, ” Don’t waste time killing some one who is busy committing suicide.”  If Trump is as bat shit crazy and incompetent as they think then they should let him do himself in.  So far they are just making his marginal supporters stronger supporters. This is not a smart thing to so with an election just a few years away.