We do not want Russian interference in our elections.  While the intention may be the same, there is a difference between screwing with the voting process itself and selectively hacking, and releasing private information.  The investigation seems focused on the latter.

If the investigation is designed to thwart such future attempts, then it is fruitful; if it just another attempt to delegitimize Trump’s victory then it will only serve to continue the Democrats’ delusions.  Fake news, post truth, the electoral college, Comey’s press releases, and now the Russian hacking all seem to have the express purpose of denying the incompetence of Hillary’s campaign and the resistance to Obama’s policies.

The Democrat’s long slide since 2010 was not the result of Russian interference.  Their loss of the Senate and House was not caused by Russia. Their continuous loss of state legislative bodies and governorships was not of Russian origin.

When Trump won the primary the Hillary camp was elated; this opponent seemed like a slam dunk. But it was not Russia who made her set up a private file server, avoid basic security protocol, disobey basic State Department classification protocol, and engage in ethical conflicts with her foundation.

I doubt it was the Russians who transferred potentially confidential files to the laptop of a pervert, avoided any campaigning in the surprisingly critical states that cost her the election, avoided public rallies in preference to Hollywood and Wall Street elitist fund raisers, and produced that embarrassing video of Hollywood’s lamest activists to influence voters.  The Russians did not ‘mind control’ her into calling half the voters ‘deplorable’.

It wasn’t Putin who pushed Jill Stein with Hillary’s assistance to insist on a recount that increased Donald Trump’s margin; and Putin did not produce that even more desperate attempt from Hollywood’s elite to get electors to betray their pledge.  (More electors abandoned Hillary than Trump- good work Hollywood. Apparently they learned nothing from their failed campaign plea; in this campaign elitism was a big negative.)

There were far greater threats from hacking from China and Russia before the elections and no action was taken.  We tried to exert greater influence into the affairs of Honduras, Israel, and Libya where Hillary bragged about killing a sovereign leader.

We have mixed feelings because the Wikileaks brought us information that was true, but illegally obtained.  Is this worse than the Chinese hacking our government personnel files?  Did these leaks even change that many minds?

The problem of hacking is real and it is not new.  The timing and use of it for partisan purposes devalues its importance and its relevance.