Five things I like about Trump

  1. He will hold media accountable.  For too long they have been able to mislead intentionally with no pushback.
  2. He comprehends that the inequality in power is a greater problem than the inequality in wealth.
  3. He stands with Israel.
  4. He proposes to reduce friction costs: taxes and regulations. This is critical.
  5. He respects few sacred cows in the federal bureaucracy.

Five Things that Concern Me About Trump

  1. Trade.  His statements are inaccurate, and his understanding of the role it plays is poor.  He oversimplifies the dynamic and the effect on the parties involved.  It plays well with his populism and trade is often the first refuge of the populist, but it can play havoc on our economy if handled recklessly.
  2. The Debt.  Little has been mentioned about any realistic means to enact his programs and to reduce the debt.
  3. Populism.  He speaks too fondly of the seductions of democracy and too little about the constraints of the Constitution. He may be a progressive with a different haircut, a nicer suit and a more attractive wife.
  4. NATO.  He has spoken more harshly of this great peacekeeping alliance than the Soviet threat it was formed to counter.
  5. Words matter. His unfiltered Twitter feed and his boorish rhetoric may sound like a breath of fresh air to his populist constituency, but words are not easily forgotten and can prove quite damaging in diplomatic circles.  Think what the word “deplorables” did to Hillary.