Republicans still have a chance to cement better relationships to the minority community by pushing issues that are philosophically tuned to their beliefs and in sync with the minority communities.

Eliminate the asset forfeiture laws.  These laws allow police to confiscation property that is suspected of being involved in a crime, usually a drug crime, even when no charges are filed.  A few states have banned this practice, but I remain stunned that this has never been challenged at the federal court level.  This should rise to the level of the Miranda rights.

Efforts at the state level are often thwarted by police organizations that like the flow of funds this provides to their precincts.  This is an abominable justification.  If the GOP was smart they would reject this pressure and let the Democrats justify this practice is they choose.

School choice.  This is in sync with minority interests and free market policy. What it is not in sync with is the teachers’ unions.

Decriminalize drugs.  We have a problem and the wrong solution. The drug war has become a form of Jim Crow that keeps minorities out of much of the work force.  Criminal convictions can stifle employment for young workers.  Drug use should be approached as a health issue instead of a criminal issue.

If the Republicans would use their good fortune and dominance in office to push forward these reforms, the Democrats would see a flow of support from minority communities head toward their opposition.  With the loss of the blue collar white workers, and the likely defection of many Jewish voters in light of their recent UN vote and the possibility of Keith Ellison as Party Chairmen, such a loss would doom their recovery for the foreseeable future.