From National Review and Michael Barone, After Its Ascendency Was Proclaimed, the Political Left Is Collapsing

Overall, history is not bending toward happy acceptance of ever-larger government at home, nor is it moving toward submersion of national powers and identities into large and inherently undemocratic international organizations. The nation-state remains the focus of most people’s loyalties, and in a time of economic and cultural diffusion, as Yuval Levin argues in his recent book The Fractured Republic, big-government policies designed for an age of centralization have become increasingly dysfunctional.

The United States Constitution was designed to provide a framework in which rights are guaranteed and voters in states can choose policies in line with their different backgrounds and beliefs.

Donald Trump’s victory means the Left can’t jam its policies down on the whole nation — and gives it the incentive to develop policies acceptable to not only its own base but also voters among whom it fell agonizingly short this year.