Russian intervention in the election is the latest addition to the growing list of excuses as to why Hillary lost. It does not seem that they hacked into the voting system and caused false votes, but that they released incriminating information from confidential files about Hillary and her accomplices.  While hacking of private files should not be tolerated, it does appear that the most damaging information about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile and their efforts to undermine the elections were accurate.

John Podesta’s password was – password- or to be more accurately ‘pa$$w0rd’. There is a bit of irony that the tolerance for Hillary’s reckless handling of confidential files and her file server, clearly intended to obscure her activities actually became a critical reason she and her associates were hacked.  Her supporters should have been half as concerned about her sloppy handling of information as those who voted against her.

While she expresses dismay at the gall of the Russians to interfere, which to restate was to send out true stories illegally obtained, one should also consider the hypocrisy coming from one who laughingly murdered the leader of a sovereign nation:

We should also note the veiled threats Obama used to influence the Brexit vote in Britain, or his active role to defeat Netanyahu in Israel. Is such intrusion any more justified because it was blatant?

The more buried the Democrats get into their excuses the less they see the need to change their course. Judging by their post-election decisions on leadership they will suffer more from their own excuse mongering.  The more outrageous the demonization of the victors the more they lose the marginal Trump supporters for good.