The Jill Stein recounts ended up increasing the vote for Donald Trump. The urban areas in Michigan around Detroit that overwhelmingly supported Hillary had more irregularities than the areas that supported Trump.  It was a desperate and shameless attempt that Hillary should view as an embarrassment, especially given the moral hysteria she brought to Trump’s questionable commitment to the election’s outcome.

The Hollywood studded plea for the electors to abandon their commitment was even more ridiculous.  They did not learn that their pre-election shilling for Hillary probably hurt her in the campaign that revolved around the rejection of elites.  The same elites on the right were also rejected. The intellectual conservatives, highlighted by the staff at National Review, rejected Trump, and he still won.

To add to the embarrassment,  four of Hillary’s electors defected while only two of Trumps failed to support him. This was very unusual.

There is still the Russian accusations, the fake news, and the post-fact excuses brought forth.  The Democrats need a twelve step program to face reality. Facing your problem is the essential first step to recovery.