The recount fiasco of Jill Stein, the fake news, the electoral college, the alternate right, James Comey, WikiLeaks, and now Russian hacking are all to blame for Hillary’s loss.  The integrity of the voters is also in question: racist, deplorable, xenophobic, irrational, Nazi……etc.

Policy is not to blame; character is not to blame; contempt is not to blame.  We can coin new phrases such as post- truth to disrespect the will of the voters.

The election is not an IQ test and it is not a lie detector test.  It is an emotional connection with candidates and ideas. It is a reaction to the status quo, not as experienced by media center pundits but by voters, county by county.  Of 3112 counties, only 489 voted for Hillary, the lowest in decades.

When Trump won the nomination, the Democrats were jubilant in having such an easy adversary.  Yet the Democrats could not field a candidate to beat him.  Sanders would have lost as well.

Hillary spent far more money, and had most of the media -outside of Fox- in her corner. She had all of the identity groups she valued, the support of the academics and Hollywood.  They can blame the Russian hackers and all the other excuses but it should never have been close enough for any of that to even matter.

These excuses will only assure further Democratic losses. They will keep Pelosi and Warren as the face and voice of the party and they will acquire further losses. They will make Keith Ellison Party Chairman to follow in the footsteps of the corrupt Schultz and Brazile and will lose more seats.

Their only hope is for Trump to fail big and fast.  The voter groups they lost will not otherwise be easily recouped.  They have no back up plan.  They will suffer delusions of success in a sea of failure and delay solutions until it is too painful.