from Kimberly Strassel at The WSJ,  The Democrats Double Down

What Democrats should realize, because everyone else does, is that voters rejected both their policies (which have undermined middle- and low-income families) and their governance (which has fueled rage at a power-hungry federal government). Hillary Clinton proposed more of the same. Coal workers said no. Blue-collar union workers said no. Suburban moms said no. Small businessmen, drowning under Dodd-Frank and ObamaCare, said no.

Instead Democrats think last week was an accident. Mrs. Clinton tells donors that she only lost because of FBI Director Jim Comey.Barack Obama faults Hillary’s tactics—she didn’t spend enough time in the right states. Michael Dukakis says Democrats only lost because of the Electoral College. Rachel Maddow blames third-party candidates.

All this denial has cleared the field for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the leading voice now calling on the party to recognize it has erred and needs change. She is telling the masses, however, that Democrats lost because they didn’t go big enough. They didn’t spend enough. Didn’t regulate enough. Didn’t socialize health care enough. Her prescription: Double down.


Nancy Pelosi was singularly responsible for the loss of the House in 2010 by record amounts. She solicited such a visceral repulsion that bi partisan Republicans rejected acceptable Democratic candidates just to get rid of her.  She epitomized the condescending tone, arrogance and contempt that drove so many to Trump, much less from an embrace for Trump than from a rejection of Hillary.

The same characteristics that drove voters away from Pelosi are shared by Hillary and Elizabeth Warren. This has nothing to do with being women,  there are plenty of women in power that are welcomed by the right.

Hillary, Pelosi, and Warren continue to fight a social war that has long been won, demonize opponents, display a repulsive sense of moral supremacy, yell at you, are addicted to the failed economics of the 1930’s, and embody the contempt that has cost the Democrats so dearly.  Add Kieth Ellison to the position of DNC chair and the Democrats will lose what little power they have held on to.

The Democrats have been decimated by the leadership of Obama and Pelosi.