From Bret Stephens at The Wall Street Journal, The Apology of Donald Drump:  (Stephen’s fictitious DT speech)

So spare me the sensitivity lectures. Spare me the business lectures, too. Those tax returns someone stole and the New York Times published? The ones that showed I once lost nearly a billion dollars and used every legal trick in the book to stage a comeback?

All of you here understand this is how business is done in America. Some years you make money. Some years you lose. You take advantage of every tax break you can because the government is trying to screw you every other way.

That’s the real world. It’s only in the unreal world that Hillary lives in that you can make a fortune by being a failed secretary of state and then cash in on obscene speaking fees, or arrange for Bill to get an $18 million salary to be “honorary chancellor” at a for-profit college while the Obama administration destroys every other for-profit. That’s called corruption, no matter whether it’s legal or not.


The hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton calling Trump misogynistic is lost on the bubble dwellers.  Trying to make a sin out of legitimate tax deductions while abusing a charitable foundation for personal and political gain is a bit rich for anybody who can see past the pandering to the ignorant.  How tone deaf does Hillary have to be to accuse Trump of abusing his position of power?

Trump’s appeal to those both exhausted and angry over the politically correct, micro aggressions, and intolerance and incivility of opposing views is not limited to the ‘clingers’ and ‘deplorables’.