From Joel Kotkin at The Daily Beast, Trump Will Go Away, but the Anger He’s Stirred Up Is Just Getting Started:

Exacerbating this cultural and class discussion is the growing division between the coastal and interior economies. Essentially, as I have argued elsewhere, the country is split fundamentally by how regions make money. The heartland regions generally thrive by producing and transporting “stuff”—food, energy, manufactured goods —while the Democrats do best where the economy revolves around images, media, financial engineering and tourism.

Trump’s romp through the primaries, like that of Bernie Sanders, rode on the perceived relative decline of the country’s middle and working classes. For all her well-calculated programmatic appeals, Hillary Clinton emerged as the willing candidate of the ruling economic oligarchy, something made more painfully obvious from the recent WikiLeaks tapes. Her likely approach to the economy, more of the same, is no doubt attractive to the Wall Street investment banks, Silicon Valley venture capitalists, renewable energy providers and inner city real estate speculators who have thrived under Obama.


There is a distinct reality related to farming and production of reaping and sowing.  Capitalism, true capitalism, requires optimism and faith that the result of planting today, and working for months will result in future rewards.  This reality is vague at best when the product I produce as I write this blog will be available in about ten minutes. Media is instant. This may explain why the media and political centers and the urban areas vote so differently from the farming and production centers.

Once watermelon became available in the grocery stores in December we lost the reality of sowing and reaping.