I dislike Trump’s campaign for most of the reasons flooding the blogosphere, although I do not believe he is racist, anti-immigration, anti Muslim, or misogynist in spite his clumsy statements that indicate otherwise.  I have a problem with his egocentrism, utter lack of diplomacy, ignorance of things a president should not be ignorant of, and some policies that could be economically devastating.

Hillary is at least as bad, but in vastly different ways.  I understand those that do not approve of Trump but feel that Hillary is worse, although I am not certain that is the case.

I find myself accepting but not approving of a Clinton victory, but hoping that the House and Senate will remain in GOP hands to block her agenda. I confess to very mixed feelings about a Trump victory.

I like the message it sends to the elites, but I fear the outcome of populist rulers. Such transitions of power do not often end well.

A Trump victory would stimulate a rediscovery and appreciation of the Constitution and its limits on executive power. Establishment Republicans and Democrats will finally find common ground.  The Democrats had no such interest in the abuse of executive power while their man was in the White House. It was an easy avenue around Republican obstruction.

A Trump victory would be the death of the Republican Party as a bulwark of conservative principles, and some may think that is a good thing.  I do not. Principles matter.

A Trump victory would be the death of the political consulting class.  I do agree that would be a good thing.

A Trump victory would be a major blow to the media clerisy that are little more than an operating arm of the Democratic party. That would be a great thing.

There are some benefits of a Trump presidency to consider, but we will not likely encounter.