Even if Clinton manages to survive the reopening of the FBI investigation, she would be a lame duck on day one; a president with no confidence of the American people or the Congress. If the GOP can manage to hold on to both houses, she could even face impeachment.

The Democratic Party process was better managed and the Super Delegates averted, only narrowly, a Donald Trump type nomination. Yet even their process may not survive the sinister deceptions of the Clintons, a sordid history that should surprise no one outside of the Democratic bubble.

Both parties have committed gross acts of political negligence, allowing the nomination of the two worst candidates in American political history. This is the result of turning a blind eye to issues of character, subverting issues to celebrity, and treating Americans like ignorant fools.

The worst part of Obama’s legacy will not be a world on fire or the terrible legislation, but the corruption of our basic institutions from the IRS to the FBI and Department of State.