From Joel Kotkin at The Daily Beast, Trump Will Go Away, but the Anger He’s Stirred Up Is Just Getting Started:

Progressive Triumphalism may lead the Clintonites to believe her election represented not just a rejection of the unique horribleness of Trump, but proof of wide support for their favored progressive agenda. Yet in reality, modern progressivism faces significant cultural, geographic, economic and demographic headwinds that will not ease once the New York poseur dispatched.

Successful modern Democratic candidates, including President Obama and former President Clinton, generally avoid openly embracing an ever bigger federal government. Obama, of course, proved a centralizer par excellence, but he did it stealthily and, for the most part, without the approval of Congress. This allowed him to take some bold actions, but limited the ability to “transform” the country into some variant of European welfare, crony capitalist state.


This is an excellent article worth reading in its entirety.

A Clinton victory is a rejection of Trump, but not a call for or an approval of a more Progressive government.  Like Obama this may lead her to resort more to executive order than legislative consensus.