Jonah Goldberg writes in National Review, Hillary and Her Wheelbarrows

Using the clever wheelbarrow analogy Goldberg notes:

This whole argument misses the point. What we know from these e-mails, particularly thanks to an analysis by the Associated Press, is that Clinton or other State Department officials agreed to meet or talk on the phone with a large number of Clinton Foundation donors. Some of these meetings probably would have happened if the foundation never existed. But clearly some wouldn’t have.

Team Clinton wants to say that even though these meetings and conversations took place, there’s no evidence that anyone was granted a special favor.

Fine. Maybe. We’ll see. But even if that’s true, is there any evidence that the Clinton Foundation wasn’t eager to leave the impression that a donation couldn’t hurt your chances with the State Department?

This brings me back to the wheelbarrow joke. The meetings (and phone calls) are the wheelbarrows. It really doesn’t matter if there’s nothing “inside” the wheelbarrows; the meetings and conversations alone were valuable.


Clinton’s refuses to acknowledge her corruption because in her mind there is none.  As a trained lawyer she parses her words so carefully that she rationalizes her integrity while it is nonexistent. As her husband Bill could only answer an incriminating question with the infamous “ that depends on the meaning of ‘is’”, Hillary used similar parsing to answer questions about her e-mails, and even then was proven to be a bold faced liar.

Such answers underlie a betrayal of the spirit of the law as much as the ‘letter’ of the law. A civilized society depends on the citizens following the spirit of the law as well of the letter, less it grind to halt mired in legal technicalities.

Hillary is unfit to lead a civilized society.