“This may be too much for a blunt instrument to understand, but arrogance and self awareness seldom go hand in hand.”  “M” to Bond in Casino Royale.

Trump may have used his swagger and ego to get the nomination, but it is woefully inadequate to win the election.  It took gross political negligence or the GOP to create a system that would have produced Trump’s primary victory.  Gross ignorance and detachment from any governing principles is not a recipe for political success.

Political success requires getting the respect of the middle third; the non affiliated.  Bluster may ignite a populist base but will not attract those looking for real answers and a minimal knowledge of the terrain.

Insulting large segments of the demographic base and the core of the Republican Party who are actually experienced in the act of governance is pure political suicide.  As the Trumpers already move to blame those like me who merely point out the obvious, they sound more childish. He has alienated far more than the intellectual conservatives.

Any credible candidate would be ahead 20 points.  The GOP and the Trump enablers have put forth the only candidate who could have possibly lost to the incredibly corrupt Hillary.

He could have mended fences, been brought up to speed, and been aware of his weaknesses but there was nothing to indicate this was going to happen.

Hopefully the leadership learns that an adult must be in charge.  Democracy in of itself is an inadequate tool in the nomination process. An adult needs to be in charge. A political party is a tool to win election.  It is foolish to abdicate the most critical step to a populist majoritarian impulse seeking outlets for emotion and rage rather than political victory.

The leadership should vet any would be candidate. Health records, college transcripts, legal history, and TAX RETURNS should be made available before any candidate is allowed to participate.  And the Republicans should learn from the Democrats the value of super delegates.

It is very difficult  to articulate the essential principles of economics and government to those who are hurt by the state of affairs. But pandering to ignorance and unrealistic solutions, feeding anger and outrage is not a suitable alternative.