from Ron Johnson at the Wall Street Journal,  Too Many Politicians Try to Hide the Real Problem

Our Founders, who fought to free themselves from dictatorial monarchies and aristocracies, understood that as government grows, freedom necessarily recedes. Because our schools have de-emphasized history, too many of our fellow citizens have never been taught this undeniable truth.

Instead, they have been led to believe that government is benevolent and capable of solving their problems. When government predictably fails, scapegoats are found and targeted to shoulder the blame. Even worse—like asking the arsonist to extinguish the fire—more government is then proposed to fix the very problems it most likely has only made worse.

We will never solve the enormous challenges facing America by sticking our heads in the sand, falling prey to demagoguery or relying on big government. As we are witnessing—before and during the current campaigns—the political process doesn’t lend itself to prioritizing problems, much less solving them.