Clinton’s utter lack of integrity is nothing new, But McGurn at the WSJ notes how we have come used to a bar so low that just her being in the race sullies the office.

from Hillary’s Crooked Defense-In Clintonworld, anything that isn’t found criminal becomes permissible. by William McGurn at the WSJ

Even putting aside the question of criminality, we know the following: While in a position of trust, Mrs. Clinton deliberately chose to put American security at risk by setting up her home server. In so doing, she also concealed what should have been public records from the American people. In the year since she’s been found out, almost every public statement she has made in defense of her actions has been exposed as false. And she refused to cooperate with investigators.

In short, this is a woman who never tells the truth when a lie will serve her purposes equally well.

What an extraordinary place this has left her party and her country. Here we are, six months out from the presidential election, and the Democratic nominee is under federal investigation.

It used to be, before the Clintons first moved into the White House, that having no criminal conviction was something that kept you out of prison. But the way Mrs. Clinton and her defenders talk, it’s almost as though it should make her president.