I think I am focused or fairly discriminating on what I post from other writers, but over the years I have gravitated toward only a few.  Kevin Williamson and Charles Cooke of National Review are two of the most used. National Review has a large stable with creative and original writer including Jonah Goldberg, David French and many others.

Jonah Goldberg wrote Liberal Fascism in 2008 and I recently reread it as I have focused most of my reading on the history and evolution of Progressivism.  I keep a copy of this book in a prominent spot in my library since the cover is so offensive to my liberal friends.


Worthy articles that fit my filter seem spotty. I may not find anything for weeks and then there is a flurry of great pieces.

Deirdre McCloskey had a great piece in the weekend WSJ How the West Got Rich – It is excerpted and commented on a few posts away. It is  is adapted from her new book, “Bourgeois Equality: How Ideas, Not Capital or Institutions, Enriched the World,” on my reading queue.

Kevin Williamson has been on a roll his his recent piece Engineering Better Voters shows an independent writing style that takes conservative and progressive views to task.  Note: National Review changes or uses titles after initial postings –  something much easier to do online.

And Charles Cooke raised an issue with Trump that I have considered, but not in the articulate manner Cooke has- that Trump’s supreme irony may be that he may make the Progressives question the premise of a strong central government. Maybe the liberal may come to learn that the right’s concern with Obama’s use of power was not his race. Read Is Trump’s Rise Giving Progressives Second Thoughts? 

Some great reading recently with excerpts posted nearby.  Some of these articles are quite rich in content and difficult for me to cull into a short post. I encourage you to read the links in full