from Investor’s Business Daily, Clinton Email Scandal: How A Biased Press Tried To Ignore It:

The FBI now has 147 agents chasing down leads. A key person involved in the scandal has been granted immunity. Hillary Clinton — who has already been caught in several lies — might be questioned by federal agents. There are fairly obvious violations of the law, even if it’s just those governing record-keeping. And there were, and continue to be, concerns that national security secrets were compromised, or at least casually disregarded.

Normally, with a scandal this juicy and involving a would-be president, reporters would be falling over themselves to “advance the story.” But “normal” never seems to apply when a scandal involves a Democrat.


Hillary’s ethical vacuum is nothing new and has been rationalized for over a decade. But the real scandal is the politicized press.  Other than Fox this story has been marginalized from the beginning. The press’s role as a political watchdog has become laughable.

The total lack of ideological or intellectual diversity in most media outlets has been ignored while the politically correct  capitulation to every other form of diversity has reached preposterous dimensions. Multiply this trend when applied to our colleges and universities. Multiply it again if you apply it to the non technical degree programs.

A very educated and bright professional liberal life long Democrat friend asked “Don’t you think this e-mail thing is just like that birther nonsense?”  That reflects the attitude of so much of the sycophant press.

Apparently 147 FBI agents don’t think so.