Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems by George Monbioy at the Guardian

It is rare that I post such articles. I disagree with just about every word and thought, but this was shared on FB by one of my most extremely liberal friends and I found it fascinating just to recognize the thinking of so much of what passes for the left these days.

The author seeks a ‘universal theory to explain everything’. Such attempts use some indisputable truths, filtered by very selective and biased analysis to reach conclusions that defy many fundamental observations.

Life and politics are just far too complicated for such theories to have any value beyond giving a name to a collection of individual intellectual prejudices. Every philosophy is flawed and imperfect.  Ideas,  like economics,  involve trade-offs.

Improvements in our constitutional government and capitalist economy come from recognition and control of human flaws in all spheres.  Such criticism of market economies and demands for government controls seem to omit any thought of these human flaws with political power,