from Clifford Asness at Real Clear Politics, My Dad And Donald Trump

Me, I can’t go that far, even as Rubio is hanging on by his fingernails. I’m still not with Trump and still can’t see going there. I continue to disagree with him on too many matters of substance, and to find his personal style simultaneously mean-spirited and worringly seat-of-the-pants. I still think the lesson of the recent times is we need a smaller government with more respect for personal liberty. A less authoritarian government, in other words, not a more authoritarian one, which I think we’d get with Trump. Of course Trump keeps promising a “smarter” one. I’m certainly not against “smart,” but in politics the word usually means that we’ll try the same stuff that failed before but which we’ve now rebranded and usually grown bigger—government grows one “great deal” at a time. And just promising “smart” isn’t nearly enough!