Whatever the outcome of the Republican civil war some call a primary, Reince Priebus, the party chairman should be shown the door.  If Trump loses the damage is done, if he wins the damage will be greater.  I have been wrong on Trump so long that only a fool would continue to attack him. Call me a fool.

Where is the adult in the room?  Shouldn’t the party vet each candidate before they allow him a place in the Primary? Shouldn’t their tax returns be brought forth early in the game? Shouldn’t there be some standards to enter the party’s race?

For sure they are afraid of not providing a place for a figure such as Trump who would otherwise run as a third party candidate, where they would have no control whatsoever. But if Trump is denied the mantle he will likely run a third party anyway and he would have been allowed to build his base at the expense of the GOP candidates.

The debates were an absolute disaster. Too many candidates on stage and they allowed a format well suited for a showman like Trump and poorly suited to showcase the real talent and experience the GOP had to offer.

They should have only allowed three candidates at a time and then proceeded to narrow the field by allowing the winners to debate.  And they should have included one hour in depth interviews with selected media, one candidate at a time.

Questions should have been pre-approved. This nonsense where media personalities say, “Mr. Trump,  Ted Cruz says you cheat at golf. Here in fact is a video where he accused you of cheating at golf.  How do you respond to this charge?”

Trump is causing voters with any sense of decency to leave the party. Such loose cannons like Trump and Sanders end up making the likes of Hillary look normal and acceptable.

Reince Priebus has supervised this travesty. He should go.