from John Podhoretz at The New York Post Apparently we should get on a boat and leave America ASAP:

The two candidates for the Democratic nomination spent most of two hours arguing over who was the better diagnostician of the moral diseases, ideological calamities, spiritual infirmities, racial injustices and downright evils that are being visited upon the suffering 320 million who have found themselves through no fault of their own trapped between two oceans in a dystopian oligarchic hell they call America.

Only the America from which they want to liberate us is Barack Obama’s America. Oh, they don’t say as much. Hillary blames the Koch brothers. Bernie blames millionaires and billionaires and the campaign finance system. They both blame the Republicans.

But let’s face it: It’s Obama’s world. They and we are all just living in it.

And what a world. “There is,” Sanders said, “massive despair all over this country.” Wages low. Millions in prison.

The highest rate of childhood poverty in the world. The old have inadequate health care, don’t have enough money for food, are chopping up their pills to make them last longer.

Hillary said immigrants are living in fear. There’s systemic racism. Police brutality.


It’s like the Democratic candidates are doing the Republican’s job for them. The Democrats controlled Congress from 2006 through 2010 for the House and 2012 for the Senate and controlled Congress and the White House from 2008 to 2010 and the White House for 2008 – 2016.  Yet somehow all of our economic problems are the fault of the Republicans.  The laws passed under Democratic control have no consequences; our problems are due to structural shifts in the economy and Republican obstruction.

And do not even start with the disastrous foreign policy.