I have considered the Trump and Carson ascendance a side show.  While I understand the frustration with the existing political landscape I do not jump to the conclusion that experience in politics is a liability.  Just because a doctor is bad does not mean I would trust a quack.  The problem is not experience; it is bad policies. The answer is not inexperience; it is better policies.

I simple seriously doubt the potential of someone with no political experience taking the highest office as their first entry.  I particularly distrust the kind of politician Trump is- not because of his boorishness and brashness, but because he believes that ego and competence or mere confidence are acceptable substitutes for sound principles and thought. We have seen that play before.

The Matt Bevins GOP victory in Kentucky indicates that inexperience is no hindrance to high elected office; he has held no elected office before.  That his fellow GOP Lt Governor ,  Jenean Hampton, is the first black person elected to statewide office must give the left heartburn.

Once again the media polls missed the mark.  Bevins won a substantial victory in spite of a prediction of close race.  The media polls seem to consistently err toward a better performance of the candidate on the left than the results deliver.

And once again the driving issue was the ACA.  The belief from the Democratic leaders that this issue would lead to regional victories has been no more accurate than many of the media polls.

I wish Bevin and Hampton great success. Perhaps they can prove that sound principles, assuming they have such,  can substitute for political experience.  I still doubt that Trump and Carson have the principles and the political thought to overcome their total lack of experience