The last Republican debates on CNN were worthless. Asking candidate X to comment on what candidate Y said about them was a juvenile waste of time. Having to make up a code name on the spot told us nothing about the candidates. Yes, there are too many on the stage and it becomes a matter of sound bites rather than substance, but CNN made it the equivalent of a second rate reality show.  Thank God South Park had reruns on.

I would like to see the opposite of a debate.  Have the best interviewers from the big three networks interview- ONE CANDIDATE at a time for at least 30 minutes- asking substantial policy and philosophical questions about their knowledge and view of our government and our country.  In three hours’ time you could have achieved some real insight from six candidates, without the over talk and the sound bites.  The interviews would be on YouTube for all to see whenever they wanted.

Of course we need to fault more than the media for this circus.  Without question most of the viewers and maybe the voters would rather see a slugfest, and they could care less about measured analysis, perspective that lasts more than 90 seconds, real solutions and proposals to real problems.  Shades of gray are not welcome on the color televisions.  And civil discourse is just so… boring.