from The Orange County Register, Jews finding less comfort on the Left by Joel Kotkin

Like their European counterparts, some Democratic politicians soon may find that appealing to Muslims pays larger dividends than catering to Jews; by 2030 there will be more Muslims than Jews in America, according to Pew.

In the end, there remains an opportunity for a conservative who can adopt the open, nonthreatening approach epitomized by Ronald Reagan, who received upward of 50 percent of Jewish votes in 1980. We know that tough GOP pragmatists, like former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan or New York’s Rudy Giuliani, won the Jewish vote in their cities against strong liberal opposition.

Jews may never become a core constituency of the political Right, but the days when they automatically supported the latest fetishes of the Left may also be coming to an end.


Anti Semitic leanings from Pat Buchanan and now Ann Coulter leads to their marginalization. More blatant remarks do not cause the same results on the left.