While the GOP participates in the circular firing squad they call a primary, they are missing the incredible opportunities thrown at them by the real opposition.

Hillary who has not driven a car since 1996 thinks we should worry about Uber and the ‘gig’economy. What an opportunity she gave the GOP to corral some of the millennial vote, but they are too busy attacking each other to recognize it.

And her answer to the economy is to make the tax system more complicated and onerous. She wants to micromanage investment decisions by structuring a capital gains tax in seven rates depending on the holding period. She has never run a business, produced a product or raised capital for anything other than her campaign and her foundation (but I repeat myself), yet she knows what is needed for businesses to be more productive.

The only GOP candidate I hear attacking Hillary instead of her fellow Republicans was Carly Fiorina.  The more I hear her the more I like her.

On the road to Atlanta I listened to Mika Brezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe blast Huckabee for 30 minutes for his comment that Obama’s Iran deal was “marching the Jews to the gates of the Holocaust”. She could not repeat enough what a destructive comment it was.

Yet no comment once crossed anyone’s lips about the Iranian leaders’ multiple statements on their commitment to destroy Israel.  Without their comment, Huckabee’s would have been unnecessary.

The campaign at this point is mostly noise. You could take a vacation for a couple of months and reconnect with the campaign and not miss much.  This campaign has a lot of surprises in store.