From Townhall, What Donald Trump is Doing Right by S.E. Cupp

Trump’s rise is a reflection of Americans’ utter distaste for politicians and the way they speak, not their identification with most of Trump’s views.

After all, everyone has an uncle or a buddy who talks like Trump. “And another thing!” you can hear them saying at Thanksgiving or the neighborhood bar. They don’t speak in canned sound bites. They don’t focus-group their opinions. They don’t quote Edmund Burke. They don’t refuse to answer questions that aren’t pre-screened. They don’t worry who will be offended. And, yes, they exaggerate from time to time.

Donald Trump’s announcement speech was, frankly, a conversation you could hear at half the dinner tables in this country. And lest you think straight-talking boasts and cranky complaints about the decline of America are the sole domain of the right, take a listen to Bernie Sanders. Everybody’s got an uncle like him, too.