from Townhall, Suzanne Fields writes The FBI, the Holocaust and Us


The speech, given in the Week of Remembrance, was framed to focus on something else, what the Holocaust means today, that no matter where we come from, whether liberal or conservative, Jewish, Christian or unbeliever, we all have an obligation “to refuse to let evil hold the field.” Any of us might say this, but it has a different kind of importance coming from the director of the FBI. He makes the point that it was the Nazis of Germany who led Jews to the slaughter, but there were killers and accomplices among the “good people” of society, “who loved their families, took soup to a sick neighbor, went to church and gave to charity.” These ordinary people believed they were doing the right thing.

Group mentality– a soft way of saying “the mob” — when turned against any minority paves the path to action, whether on behalf of a cult, a distorted religion, a bad government or an institution acting on behalf of a government. Mr. Comey keeps a copy of the order from a predecessor to tap the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s telephone framed on his desk “to ensure that we remember our mistakes and that we learn from them.”


The Poles were outraged that they were grouped with the Nazis in the condemnation of the Holocaust, but any history would have easily revealed that Janes Comey’s comments were not only accurate, they were spot on.  Far more Jews died in Poland than in Germany.  Jan Gross’s description of the desolation of Jedwabne told of a village where the Polish citizens took advantage of the Nazi occupation to murders their neighbors of hundred of years. “Neighbors” was the name of the book Gross wrote of this massacre.The German soldiers were surprised at the brutality of the town’s citizens when they gave them the green light.

After the war ended when the few Jews who survived returned to their home, Polish citizens, without the cover of the defeated Nazis killed many of the Jews who tried to reclaim their homes.

If The Poles want to claim outrage over Comey’s comments they should expect the history to be reopened.  The outcome will do little to restore the false pride of the Poles.