The ACA (Obamacare) was based on very distorted numbers about the number of uninsured, myopic predictions of its costs, outright deceptions in its presentations (Gruber), and a delusional faith in the competence of the resources to execute it.  It would make a Rube Goldberg plan look like a Nobel Prize winning physics model of engineering elegance.

My hiding the true costs in tax increases, mandates, and penalties- not including the actual government costs of the program- the administration hid the real cost of the problem even from itself.  This would not even include the social cost of health care that is delayed by higher costs for many.

Yes some doctors have reported that because of the higher deductibles many are experiencing, patients are forgoing needed procedures.

If the central planning junkies had used more honest data perhaps a much more cost efficient method would have been considered. What if the government had just gone our into the existing market and just purchased health care policies for those who needed it?

According to a new study by the CBO it may have been the same. The Daily Mail looked at the  CBO January 2015 Outlook on Obamacare and found the cost per insured to be $50,000 over ten years.  And that assumes 27 million newly insured, a best case scenario that is not being realized.

And this would have accomplished the same goal without the huge distortions in the market caused by the ACA mess.