At the heart of modern progressivism is an “ends justify the means” mentality.  Lies are merely myths to serve a greater purpose. HKO

 The progressive shift aiming to empower the average man also sought to empower  the elites and technocrats who felt the common man could not properly understand the needs of a modern society. The power required to run the progressive state was not insulated from the human seduction of power in the private sector, but it was insulated from the accountability. HKO

We are foolish to believe that human and moral shortcomings in the free market are somehow absent in the political sphere.  We are also foolish not to recognize that these failures are held to greater accountability when they are not protected by political favoritism. HKO

The problem with modern regulation is that it can never keep up with a changing market, and the rate of technical development moves far too fast to regulate.  We are shortsighted to focus on the competence of government, such as the miserable failures of the ACA website.  The critical flaw in central control of the economy and regulations is not the lack of competence, but the lack of imagination.  

Such modern businesses scale up remarkably fast, creating huge commercial communities, quickly threatening the regulatory agencies, and empowering a new generation of Uber Libertarians.  These new commercial communities give a face to the principles of a free market, bringing life to ideas that have long remained buried in books and think-tanks or held in contempt by thick progressive elites self-imbued with moral supremacy. HKO in American Thinker, Uber Libertarians

The problem with liberalism may be that no one knows how to get the government to do the benevolent things liberals want it to do. Or it may be, at least in some cases, that it just isn’t possible for the government to bring about what liberals want it to accomplish. As the leading writers in The Public Interest began demonstrating almost 50 years ago, the intended, beneficial consequences of social policies are routinely overwhelmed by the unintended, harmful consequences they trigger. It may also be, as conservatives have long argued, that achieving liberal goals, no matter how humane they sound, requires kinds and degrees of government coercion fundamentally incompatible with a government created to secure citizens’ inalienable rights, and deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed.  From the October 2014 issue of Hillsdale’s Imprimis, William Voegeli , The Case Against Liberal Compassion

The inequality fanatics are a solution looking for a problem.  We are likely better to have wealth determining power than to have power determine wealth. HKO

The more that we depend on the government for solutions for every social problem (fairness) the less effective they become at their core strengths- protecting individual rights, basic infrastructure, equal protection under the law and security. HKO

When you adapt policies that rely on the reality you want rather than the reality you have,  the natural course is a tyrannical force to bend reality to your will.  This is why Utopian ideals end up becoming so oppressive.  A growing economy is a free economy.  The price of raising the price of exit is to also raise the price of entry. HKO