Doctor Leo Spaceman

From The Fiscal Times, Ed Morrissey writes How Obama Marginalized the Democratic Party


The admission didn’t surprise Obamacare opponents, though. Those opposed to Obamacare since its inception know that Schumer offered no arguments that hadn’t been made repeatedly during that period by the program’s opponents. Five years ago, Gallup found that 85 percent of Americans had health insurance coverage, 87 percent were satisfied with it, and 67 percent were satisfied with the costs. Half of the uninsured were satisfied with their health care, if not the costs. 

Yet Democrats imposed a top-heavy government bureaucracy that upended the entire existing structure to address, as Schumer now acknowledges, 5 percent of the population. The costs for this system will be borne mainly by the middle class; the wealthy can afford a wide range of options, while most of the government benefits will apply to the small percentage of the population.

On top of that, we now know that the architects of this program held Americans in low esteemconsidering them idiots to be misled into accepting a massively expensive intrusion on their freedom of choice that will only drain our resources more and more over the years.

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