I called the Tesla dealer in Atlanta for a test drive. Test drives were booked a week in advance; two weeks if you wanted to test drive on a Saturday.  If I ordered an S model it would be November before delivery.  The X Model had 12,000 deposits for a 2015 delivery.

It goes from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds.

It gets 300 miles to a charge at 55 mph, a little over 200 miles at 70 mph and over 400 miles at city driving around 30 mph. Unlike gas engines it is not dramatically inefficient at stop and go city driving.  The main power drain is speed.

The battery is guaranteed for 8 years.

The interior is elegant and simple. The console is essentially an iPad that easily controls everything.

It will recharge overnight at 220 but there are power stations being widely built that will recharge in an hour.  The Intercontinental in Buckhead, Atlanta  has several charging stations in its parking lot.

The car is one of the most beautiful on the market. Prices are about between $75,000 and $90,000.

This is the future of the auto.  It made me want to sell all of my shares of Exxon.

In three years Ford and GM will emulate this car.  It is the very essence of a disruptive technology.  No more big car lots.  This is the iPod of cars.

The state will have to rethink how it funds highways since the gas tax just became obsolete.  Will the greenies be willing to increase coal production to pay for the electricity to replace gasoline?

Did I tell how great looking this car is?

I want one.