“In any event, Richard Nixon was gone, and the doctrine bearing his name was not about to be disinterred by a president who saw no need for it and even thought that the United States would be better off without allies like the Shah. And so—in what would seem in retrospect an unrecognized harbinger of World War IV—the Shah was toppled by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Just how blind the Carter administration was to this portentous development can be gauged by the fact that Andrew Young, Carter’s own ambassador to the UN, hailed the radical Islamist despot now ruling Iran as a saint and a great believer in human rights.”

Excerpt From: Podhoretz, Norman. “World War IV.” Doubleday, 2007-09-11. iBooks.

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The right often sacrifices the good for the perfect.  The left often sacrifices the bad for the worse.