from What’s The Matter With Paul Krugman? by Steve Moore in The Investor’s Business Daily


Krugman resorts to a line of argumentation that is all too typical of liberals: Cherry-picking a few events — the occasional high-tax state that is doing better than average, or a low-tax state that is falling behind — to blur the unmistakable pattern that low taxes (along with light regulation, energy production and right-to-work laws) have become magnets for people and businesses and jobs.

Krugman’s logic is similar to a tobacco company pointing to a 75-year-old lifelong smoker without any trace of tumors and concluding: See, smoking doesn’t cause cancer.

The Krugman model is for policymakers to forget about taxes, forget about regulation, raise the minimum wage and welfare benefits, and let unions have unlimited power over workers. That model has been tried for 40 years. The final result has been Detroit, a once-great city leveled by years of such bad advice and progressive policies on steroids.

Governors and state legislators are starting to get it. Liberalism left unchecked creates economic mayhem, high unemployment, poverty and dead zones such as Detroit and Newark and Rochester. Blue states and cities have two options: lower taxes and regulations to grow the economy or keep listening to Paul Krugman and continue to bleed to death.

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