From National Review by Celina Durgin, Here’s How Little Chelsea Clinton Cares About Money, In Dollars


How indifferent is she to the lure of filthy lucre? Clinton is currently pulling down $600,000 per year for the kind of no-show job you probably thought had disappeared with the demise of the American mafia. She is officially employed as an on-air correspondent for NBC News even though she hasn’t appeared on NBC for the past four months. Clips of Clinton’s work for the Peacock Network are hard to find online, and one of the few accessible segments — her interview with the GEICO gecko — reveals that NBC’s coaching failed to improve her affectless voice, lazy delivery and absolute lack of charm, charisma or talent. According to Berkeley inequality specialist and Thomas Piketty collaborator Emmanuel Saez, an annual salary of $394,000 qualifies one to be part of the “One Percent” of wealthiest Americans.

According to Associated Press, NBC wanted to avoid an apparent conflict of interest as Clinton busies herself with outside work for her parents’ foundation. Would that all journalists could pocket $50,000 each month merely for not actively souring their employers’ good name.

Clinton is so unconcerned with money that she shelled out $10.3 million of the worthless stuff just last spring to buy a swanky pad near Manhattan’s Flatiron Building. Her 2010 wedding to Marc Mezvinsky cost an estimated $3.3 million.

Chelsea Clinton’s 5,000-square-foot apartment overlooking Madison Square Park features four bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths, oak floors, Italian marble bathrooms, a temperature-controlled storage room, and access to a key-locked elevator, the New York Daily News reported. Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez had been considering the residence before Clinton and Mezvinsky nabbed it.

And how does someone who doesn’t care about money spend twice as much on a wedding as the average American earns in a lifetime? You start with not one but two dresses by acclaimed designer Vera Wang, who attended the wedding. CBS News estimates the cost of the laser-cut organza-skirted gown she wore down the aisle to be $24,900. The price of the second Vera Wang dress, a Grecian-inspired gown for the reception, is unknown.


One of the advantages of wealth is not having to worry about it.  Those who earn it are not embarrassed about it and those who are lucky enough to inherit it or win the lottery usually have enough class to shut up about it.

But coming form a mother who claimed to be dead broke after 8 years in the White House, who complained about having to pay the mortgages on multiple residences, and who claimed that she and Bill were not that well off, even though they are worth over $100 million, and having earned (well sort of)  over $5 million in 18 months giving 40 minute speeches at $200 thousand a pop, which could be conceived as simple down payments of bribery, it is clear that this apple fell very close to the tree.