“The insistence of the IPCC and the scientific “consensus” that clouds cannot cause climate variations continues to astound me. All atmospheric scientists know that clouds are controlled by a multitude of factors; my position is that causation between clouds and temperature flows in both directions. In contrast, the IPCC’s position is that clouds can only change in response to temperature change (temperature → clouds). But neglecting causation in the opposite direction (clouds → temperature) can lead to large errors in our understanding of how and why the climate system changes, as well as in our diagnosis of how sensitive the climate system is to human influences.

In science, nothing is ever “proved.” Science provides a way to investigate alternative explanations (hypotheses) for how the world works. Unfortunately, in global warming research only one hypothesis is now allowed by the adherents to the IPCC process and narrative. Most observed changes in the climate system are now interpreted under the assumption that humans are the cause.”

Excerpt From: Roy W Spencer. “The Great Global Warming Blunder.” Encounter Books, 2012-08-14. iBooks.

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