VA Scandals Raise The Specter Of Healthcare Rationing

The obvious question to ask about the VA scandal is: Why? Why would a VA hospital administrator direct doctors not to perform colonoscopies until patients had three positive tests for bloody stools? Or why were VA employees ordered to “cook the books” and hide long wait times that veterans faced when seeking care from heart, cancer, or other specialists? Why did some VA administrators go so far as to create a secret waiting list to hide year-plus wait times?

There’s only one plausible answer to these questions: rationing. The VA is but a smaller version of the sort of government-run, single-payer health care with which the political left is so enamored.

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Those who think that single payer systems are the solution to health care are delusional.  The problem is economic in its most fundamental sense.  We have infinite wants and finite resources.  A decision must be made and if the consumer is not trusted to make this decision then some unaccountable bureaucrat must be.

“The first rule of economics is scarcity; the first rule of politics is to ignore the first rule of economics.”