Matthew Continetti writes in The National Review Online Oligarchy in the 21st Century


If the business editors of the Times were aware of the irony of lamenting the political influence of great wealth on one half of their page while handling it with kid gloves on the other, they gave no sign. “Mr. Cohen says he understands the criticism that he has access most citizens do not,” says the article, before handing Cohen the microphone. “But I also don’t believe in unilateral disarmament,” he said. Two paragraphs earlier, he had said, “My priorities in political giving are Comcast priorities. I don’t kid myself. My goals are to support the interests of the company.”

There you have it: A wealthy Democratic donor admits he funds candidates to improve his bottom line. And yet I hear from the Senate floor no denunciations of his attempts to buy American democracy, no labeling of him as un-American. I have not received a piece of direct mail soliciting donations to fight David L. Cohen’s hijacking of the political process, nor do I wake up every day to investigations of the Cohen political and charitable network. Why?

The popular rhetoric of income inequality, the attacks on Charles and David Koch, the assertion that the system is rigged against the common man, the accusations that a vast right-wing conspiracy has despoiled the American landscape and society and polity — these are the means by which the ruling class masks its true position and justifies its continued agglomeration of power and of wealth.


1. The debate is on about the distribution of wealth, but the debate should be about the distribution of power.  They are not the same.

2. Democrats have become the party of the super rich and the crony capitalists.  Legislation to grab more of the wealth increases inequality because it makes it harder to acquire wealth; often while protecting those who have already acquired it or improving their self serving access to political power.  Inequality has grown under Obama’s regime.

3. A true liberal should be more concerned about the government growth and power.  It is a far greater threat to our liberty than the fortunes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergi Brin or even the Koch brothers.

4.  Harry Reid’s attacks on the Kochs is so hypocritical and unworthy of his office he should be censured.  A true liberal should be outraged and embarrassed.