from Investors Business Daily, Democrats, NASA Scientists And Global Warming:

Rather than bash deniers, or fence them into some lepers ghetto as Apple CEO Tim Cook and Virgin CEO Richard Branson seem to want, the senators should have invited the Right Climate Stuff Research Team to their festival. This group of more than 20 retired NASA Apollo scientists and engineers — James Delingpole at calls them “the men who put Neil Armstrong on the moon” — would have put their worries at ease.

“There is no convincing physical evidence of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming,” the group says in a summary of its preliminary report.

The team also says that anthropogenic global warming is not settled science, doesn’t believe it to be an immediate threat, and insists that the computer models that the alarmists have so much faith in “need to be validated before being used in critical decision-making.”

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But the true believers will discredit them for whatever reason they can make up.