From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review Donald Boudreaux writes Questions for redistribution’s proponents

• Do you teach your children to envy what other children have? Do you encourage your children to form gangs with their playmates to “redistribute” toys away from richer kids on the schoolyard toward kids not so rich? If not, what reason have you to suppose that envy and “redistribution” become acceptable when carried out on a large scale by government?

• Do you not worry that creating government power today to take from Smith and give to Jones — simply because Smith has more material wealth than Jones — might eventually be abused so that tomorrow, government takes from Jones and gives to Smith simply because Smith is more politically influential than Jones?
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when we consider redistribution we usually refer only to monetary wealth.  But what about leisure time?  Wealth is often measured by how much free time one has, yet many of the wealthy sacrifice valuable free time and time with their family in order to acquire their material wealth.  If their wealth is over taxed they will simply switch to more leisure time and produce less.  Another form of wealth is power and the distribution of power has far greater consequences to our our social fabric than the redistribution of mere dollars.