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Stealing from Charites

When charitable giving declines- and it certainly will- we can expect more class warfare rhetoric about how the selfish wealthy only give if the government gives them a deduction.  But the reality is that charitable giving will go down because the government will take the money instead.

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Creating Stronger Communities

But the larger cost is not the extraction from existing businesses. We can measure businesses that are struggling and we can measure the businesses that have closed or merged out of existence. But we cannot measure the businesses that were never started because of a risk and regulatory environment that discouraged a would-be entrepreneur. That is by far the larger loss.

I recoil when I hear a successful entrepreneur praised for “giving back to the community”. This offensive compliment insinuates that his successes somehow “took” something from the community and totally ignores the enormous contribution he has already made. This criticism is not intended to discourage the charity and contributions these leaders make to the community; it is intended to understand how these benefits are generated so that we can reap more of them.

When the first lady belittles those who go to work for “profit” she belittles those who truly support the community. A community is only as strong as the individuals and the businesses that are able to support it. We do not create stronger communities by increasing the burden on small local businesses and then recycling the increased taxes on a shrinking base back to them through government agencies and grant driven nonprofits designed to help them.

We create a stronger community by making those agencies unnecessary.

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An Exhaustion of Pessimism

Like learning to live with the nuclear bomb and the threat of imminent destruction we have learned to live in the land of the all-powerful Oz, pulling the levers of his sputtering and noisy machine, and pretending to give us virtues we already possess.  Even this administration has not been able to completely squelch the capitalist spirit in America.

We remain fragile, but growing.  Our capitalist spirit is restrained, but not beaten. We remain optimistic, but disappointed.  We can still enjoy the recovery, but we know we can do better.

Much better.

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