From Sultan Knish, The Inevitable Hillary:

The more you listen to Hillary, the more you realize that she doesn’t have  ideas, she has cliches. String together a bunch of cliches and you have a  Hillary speech. String together a bunch of Hillary speeches and you have a candidacy that is as empty as it is inevitable. Hillary isn’t even Chauncey  Gardiner. Her cliches lack even accidental poetry. Instead they’re as empty as she is.

Hillary Clinton’s inevitable status is her weakness. Inevitable candidates don’t  win elections. Just ask John McCain, an American hero and liberal Republican,  and Mitt Romney, a man who was born to play the president on television. Or ask  Michael Dukakis, the architect of the Massachusetts Miracle, or John Kerry, a  man who was not only born to play the president, but who could run on his Vietnam service during wartime.
There will come a time when the awards  will stop, when the empty quotes about how she is running because she cares about girls will run out and when she will actually have to give real answers to  difficult questions. And that isn’t Hillary’s strong suit. It’s not that Hillary  doesn’t have any answers; it’s that she’s too paranoid and controlling to go past her talking points and say what she eally thinks