Most great entrepreneurs are less motivated by the money at the end of the trip than the hunt and the creative drive that needs to be fulfilled.  But a creator also has help from venture capitalists and financial supporters that can make the difference between an idea and an iPod.  A highly taxed and regulated economy stifle productive efforts.  A government that seeks to protect us from both small and great failures may also protect us from great successes.

Major social changes such as the acceptance of gay marriage goes though phases.  Hostility becomes tolerance, tolerance becomes acceptance, and acceptance becomes embrace.  I think that we are at this point just moving from tolerance to acceptance.

The exposure of the abuse of our basic civil liberties is one of the most promising displays we have long seen.  Moral supremacists are just benevolent tyrants.  Their tyranny becomes much more obvious when they feel their benevolence is no longer appreciated.  Our constitution was meant to stop tyranny even in its less obvious forms. For this administration the constitution seems to be an obstacle to social change and justice that must be overcome rather than an assurance of  liberty that must be protected.

Some of the most prejudiced remarks I hear come from the left.  Anti Semitism has clearly found a more comfortable and receptive home on the left.  The need to demonize and humiliate in the public discourse is a substitute for an intellectual vacuum and the inability to make a rational point.  It is much easier to shout than think, repeat the internet talking points than create an original thought, and to rationalize an emotional argument than to justify a rational argument.

Bureaucracies defy solutions because solutions threaten the existence of the bureaucracies.

What is presented as a social problem is used to expand government power.  Rather than admit their mission is accomplished they redefine the mission to justify their existence.  There are few things as permanent as a temporary government program.

Inexperienced leaders love to talk about holding subordinates accountable, but this is often code for not holding oneself accountable for anything. Accountability sounds simple in the textbooks, but often translates poorly into practice, especially when there is no accountability at the top of the organization.  Holding someone accountable in an organization with no moral center is often a smokescreen for finding a scapegoat.