Daniel Greenfield writes in The Sultan Knish, Apologies from Utopia.


This state of affairs is presumed to be so terrible that any change would be an improvement. Like trying to fix a thoroughly beat up car, the left doesn’t care what it breaks when it start fixing health care or immigration or foreign policy. No matter how big a mess it makes, it is sure that things must be better now because before the Republicans were in charge.

The left always assumes that it is starting from zero. That the interregnum before it came to power, men were little more than beasts, brawling in the mud, raising their children in the dirt and visiting whatever doctors it pleased them. It sees no reason to apologize since even when it falls short, it has uplifted us from barbarism to a better way of living.

The left never really apologizes. Not for the millions dead under Communism or for pretending that Michael Moore was a documentary filmmaker. It passively aggressively doubles down on its original premise. “You didn’t understand what I was really getting at.”

Sincere apologies are for people who do things. Insincere apologies are for people who refuse to accept that the real world doesn’t live up to the expectations of the imaginary world in their heads and that their fantasies end up hurting people.


We spend huge resources to correct a problem, only to find that the cure was worse than the disease.  Perhaps the problem was grossly overstated.  To bring grand changes we must have grand problems to solve. One step to political power is to portray our problems to be be much worse than they were.