Daniel Greenfield writes in his excellent blog, Sultan Knish, The Progressive Psychoracialists of McRacism.


Oddly enough he wasn’t talking about himself, but psychoracialists, like psychoanalysts, always find the dirty pictures and the racial slurs in someone else’s Rorschach inkblot.

Thanks to McRacism, there is now more racism than ever before. We’re making less of everything except racism. There is somehow more racism to be found by dedicated progressive psychoracialists in a single Republican sneeze than there was in the entire first two centuries of American history.

The old racism was about slave plantations. The new racism is found in projecting your own distaste for “Blacks” and “Browns” onto a “Brown”, who in a feat of Zimmermanian proportions, heads up the new Confederacy operating out of San Antonio; a city with more Latinos than the MSNBC janitorial staff (unlike its on-air staff.)

Racism is the accusation that proves itself. There are certain kinds of people who can be racist and certain kinds who can’t. Ted Cruz, who likes San Antonio better than Washington D.C., is always a racist. Chris Matthews, who relishes occasionally seeing “Browns” in Washington D.C. from the window of his limo, isn’t.

MSNBC racism requires a deep meditative state. The accuser spends some time floating in a sensory deprivation tank filled with Media Matters talking points. By the time he sits down in front of a camera, he is no longer aware that Ted Cruz is Cuban-American. Any facts extraneous to the organic process of calling a Republican racist have dissolved away along with his common sense.

The real race of racism isn’t skin color or genes. It’s government. If you hate government, you’re a racist.


Cries of Racism like all the other name calling and demonization has become the intellectually lazy alternative to rational debate.  It is much easier to assume the other side is unworthy of debate.