Weiner’s chronic sexual indiscretion belies more than a juvenile obsession.  He lied repeatedly the first time leading his media sycophants to look like fools for defending hims and demonizing Breitbart and others. Breitbart  was right all along and no apology ever ensued.  His continuous sexting makes him compromisable while in office making public policy.  The fact that it underlies extremely bad judgment and poor character for a man in public office is almost secondary. No matter what his wife, Huma, says it involves far more that their private family considerations.

Speaking of Huma, it strikes me as extremely ironic that she would serve under Hillary Clinton, a spouse that had to endure similar embarrassments from a public official.

I do not understand public officials in the age of the vaporization of privacy that do not understand that they live in a glass bubble and privacy is the first sacrifice of public office.  Questions of character and judgment trump the right to privacy.  While there are transgressions are on both sides, a true liberal would demand better character from their leaders.