This is why it is even wrong to speak of the “distribution” of income and wealth.  Income and wealth are not distributed. Income and wealth are produced, and in a fair society that come into the world attached to the rightful owner that produced them.  As the late Harvard philosophy professor Robert Nozick wrote, “Whoever makes something, having bought or contracted for all other held resources used in the process.. is entitled to it. The situation is not one of something’s getting made, and there being an open question of who is to get it.”  If income and wealth are not attached to the owner that produced them, they tend not to get created at all.

From Who’s The Fairest of Them All?  by Stephen Moore


Most great entrepreneurs are less motivated by the money at the end of the trip than the hunt and the creative drive that needs to be fulfilled.  But a creator also has help from venture capitalists and financial supporters that can make the difference between an idea and an iPod.  A highly taxed and regulated economy stifle productive efforts.  A government that seeks to protect us from both small and great failures may also protect us from great successes.