Daniel Greenfield writes in his excellent blog The Sultan Knish, Government is the New Race, 6/7/13.


While you might think that it would be impossible to run an entire cable news network around accusing people of racism, MSNBC has taken your bet and now expects you to buy it coffee for a month. It would be impossible for reasonable people to constantly talk about racism. But unreasonable people racialize everything.

Rather than bringing the racial healing that some expected, the Obama years so dramatically racialized national politics that even IRS is now a racial slur. And that racialization reveals how dependent on race the entire liberal program has become.

Liberalism racialized itself by defining itself entirely in terms of social justice. To oppose the liberal expansion of government was to be a racist.

The abstraction of political racism from real racism and social justice from the actual interests of the black community has gone so far that an administration that has presided over record black unemployment is always defended in racial terms.

Liberalism has not only become identified with racial politics, it has swallowed racial politics so completely that they no longer exist on a national level. National racial politics is just liberalism misspelled and when an MSNBC anchor equates IRS with a racial slur, it becomes rather clear that there is no longer any race in racism. Racism in politics has become so abstract that it no longer has anything to do with black people.  …racism no longer refers to policies that disadvantage black people, but policies that limit the power and scope of big government.

And that reduces the civil rights movement to an apologetic for the uncontrolled expansion of government. It turns “I Have a Dream” into “I Have a Government Office” and the Selma to Montgomery March into a commute to a Washington D.C. bedroom community that most of the black population of the city can’t afford to live in.



Racism has become a pejorative that is used to silence the opposition when there is no rational argument to make.  What I liked about Andrew Breitbart is that he refused to be intimidated by such charges.

A true liberal would take great offense at the racialization of American politics because it demeans the very real racist struggle of our recent history and ignores its great victories.